Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The things that stay

One thing I've really come to believe is that we are not all separate souls living in separate bodies. I feel very strongly--I have seen evidence of it in so many ways--that we are one soul, like a giant piece of cloth, and our bodies just latch on to it, here and there wherever they are meant to, assisting the soul in doing and experiencing whatever it is meant to do-- both giving it shape and allowing it to navigate around and through itself, so it can connect and interact with other pieces of itself. Communicating, learning, creating, loving, conflicting. Flux and flow. There is not really any you or I, nor us and them. Just a giant oneness. An entity which creates and destroys, loves and hates itself infinitely.
I think of our bodies as clothespins, which, left out in the elements, eventually rot and fall off, but the cloth they were clamped on and the line beneath it remains, and always will. MOre pins come as others fall off, on and on into eternity. There is no beginning or ending to any of us, ether in space or in time.
I thought of this as I hung out my laundry one day recently. I found a piece of laundry that had been left on the line over the winter. I thought about going out to get it when i realized it was out there, but it was just an old towel, and I wanted to see what the elements would do to it. It beached on the upper side to near white, and kept most of it's color underneath. Interestingly, all of the clothespins rotted and fell off, and there was only one rusty metal spring still left on the line. The poetic part of the whole thing was this: the clothes pins were gone, and yet the towel still hung there after the wind and snow, freezing and thawing of a whole winter. It had begun to unravel as it whipped about in the wind, and the fibers turned to fringe. In time, the fringe wrapped around the clothesline and held on, even when the clothes pins did not. It formed a defiant little fist, and that's all that held it there

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thumbs DOWN, Google!

Just tried to open a gmail account (since yahoo won't let me in my own account half the time, and I keep having to change my password) and google insists on verifying the account to a cell phone, which is not possible. (How about offering more than one option, such as alternate email? ) There is no service to ANY cell phone on the planet where I live. I am not quite in the middle of nowhere but you can see it plain as day from here. Thanks, google. I was counting on you to make my life easier. Sigh.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A blog interview....

I haven't been posting much lately. Spring has sprung early and I've found it very hard to sit still at the computer. Here is a blog interview someone conducted recently that you might enjoy..........