Friday, August 28, 2009

New Directions......

Since my last post, I have left Bell Street Gallery and have created a tent show gallery across the street at Tom's Burned Down Cafe. Depending on the weather, I am sometimes set up under a tent out front, and if "the weather sucks", I will be in the bar in the stage area just to the left of the bar.
Since I am somewhat of a folk artist and my work is pretty far outside the mainstream box, I felt that making a home for my art at Tom's Burned Down Cafe was a perfect fit for me. Tommy has generously provided me with space, a tent and whatever else I needed to make it work. THANKS, Tom!!!
There will be other artists joining me in the "three ring circus" tent show off and on, as they are able, and we are making plans already for next years shenanagins. Be prepared for anything, because that's what you'll get! The tent show, like Tom's Burned Down Cafe, is a work in progress and will undoubtedly never reach a state of full completion. We are all about spur-of-the-moment changes, especially "when the weather sucks".
If you see art and/or jewelry under my tent that you like, don't be afraid to haggle. This is a gypsy/hobo operation--I expect haggling. I might be willing to work out a deal if you are purchasing more than one item, if you are a collector of my work, or I'm having a slow day. But beware:I might raise or lower my prices at whim from day to day, so if you want something but decide to "think about it", don't be surprised if you come back and it's sold or repriced, or I'M gone altogether for the day~~ "Now you see it, now you don't". I might "untag" my items some days and throw the pricetags in a jar, and have you draw a price from it. In any case, I feel my prices are always reasonable. I want my art to be available to anyone who wants to purchase it--not just people who have plenty of money.
The name of this show is "Tossed and Found". Much of my art is made from found natural and discarded items. I like to recycle/reuse/repurpose as much as possible. Many of my jewelry pieces are made from things I find in the lake or on the beachs, on the roads and in parking lots on the island. Some of the doo-dads I make jewelry out of, I don't even know what they ARE, but I have a penchant for tinkering, combining odd elements together to create interesting designs. I NEVER make more than ONE of anything except, obviously my greeting cards, prints or photographs. Jewelry is all one of a kind, and I don't always make reproductions of all of my artwork. Sometimes it sells before I can even get a picture of it!
Be sure to check out my photo booths: the MadiLisa, Scream!, and the Burned Down Gothic. For a dollar, you can take a picture with your camera and create a picture postcard to send all your family and friends. "Having a great time on Madeline Island. Too bad you're NOT." "Missed the ferry. AGAIN!!!" "Help! I'm being held hostage at Tom's Burned Down Cafe! Please send cash (before happy hour) for my safe return!"
Cheers!!! See you at the gypsy/hobo tent show!

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