Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Greatest gift....

Here in the depth of winter snow
thoughts come, leaving footprints
SCATTERED everywhere, no direction....
Where's the shovel?
This is DEEP.

The older I get, the more I realize
the less I know
and frantically, as the clock ticks
I try to shovel in the knowledge--
to fill in that bottomless pit, where
for every shovelfull I throw in
TWO disappear.

THIS, I do know,
and will NOT forget.
The most important thing
is NOT
what you have.
who you know...
is NOT..
WHAT you know...
It is who you love, and
who loves YOU.

Despite all faults
despite unsightlyness,
despite annoying habits
despite that thing
(whatever it is)
that everyone WISHES TO HELL
you wouldn't do...
you are loved, anyway.

That is the BEST GIFT.

If there is someone who you
love, treasure, adore
appreciate,or whose existence you
Let them know.
Today, while they
and you
are here on earth.

Say it
sing it
write it
paint it
wrap it up
send it
deliver it
GIVE it.


EVERY day is a holiday!

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