Sunday, January 3, 2010


2010 is starting off really well. I have had jewelry and art sales SINCE CHRISTMAS (which is usually unheard of) and I am very happy about that.

<----------This is the painting I sold, called "NORTHERN YEAR". I call this a "timeline" painting, and as soon as it's a little warmer in my studio, I will be in there, painting> I guess I could wear my fingerless gloves. I've done that before.

Anyone who has spent any year round time in the northern midwest will be able to relate to this painting Right now, the snow keeps falling, falling. Powder snow, and lots of it. Other days, it's heavier, or possibly mixed with rain. Later in the season, toward spring, we get the "three sisters" storms: HUGE snowstorms that last for days, and usually come in threes, generally getting bigger with each storm. There is a tiny reprieve between storms--just enough to shovel out, before the next one comes.
Right now, the temps have dropped, but the "lake effect" snow keeps coming as the lake freezes. Soon, with luck and if the weather stays cold enough--as it should-- we will be driving to the mainland instead of taking the ferry. I call this the "freeway". Emphasis on FREE!!!

Above, I have also posted a one of a kind charm bracelet that I sold this past week. 2010 is looking up! I couldn't be more pleased. Dare I even DREAM that making a tiny living as an artist is POSSIBLE?
I have all sorts of new art projects and jewelry designs in the works. It's been really cold in my studio, however, and I keep blowing fuses with the space heater, so it's been difficult to work in there, now that the temps have been hanging in the single digits and dipping down around ZERO. I've been using this time to promote my work on my various internet venues. I guess it it's beginning to pay off! Have a look...

Let me know what you think about the different sites/profiles and which is more appealing to you, and why. There could be a giveaway in it for you!

Cheers~~ Diane Marie

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