Saturday, January 9, 2010

Finders keepers.....

I was telling some friends of mine about some treasures I have found over the years in my travels, generally while cleaning beaches. ( I am the official adopt-a-beach cleaner for Madeline Island. )

Here you see a tiny headless doll made of solid porcelain. I was walking on the beach and found it with only it's butt sticking up out of the sand. I thought "well that's either the crown of a tooth or its a BUTT" and it WAS a butt.

I have also found numerous pieces of clay pipes that I researched and found to be the tobacco pipes of the voyageurs. They could be anywhere from 150-400 years old.

The last picture is of a bears tooth. Again, I researched this, and give the shape of the tooth, it is most likely from a bear. Wolves teeth are more curved and not as broad because wolves are primarily carnivores--meat eaters. Bears are omnivores--they eat anything and everything.


  1. Nice find! Cute "butt" :) How come I don't find these nice things on my beach. :(

    God Bless

  2. I'd be poking my way through a beach if I found neat things like this too!