Monday, January 18, 2010


I have been working on a theory, and I think it's working. I am trying to hold in my mind an image of myself glowing, radiating positive, creative energy in a spiral, both drawing in good energy and shedding bad energy at the same time. I have been passing this energy on to friends who are now also experimenting with it, and it seems to be working for all of us. ***I realize this is not a NEW theory or practice, but it is new to ME. Since I have started this practice, I have had more energy, my thoughts have been much clearer, and I've been in a far better mood. I feel downright invincible! I've been snowshoeing vigorously every day, painting like a can of Red Devil falling off a ladder, and making jewelry. Oh, and I've had FOUR seven letter words in the four scrabble games I currently have going online. (I'm an addict)

The first painting is SPACIAL RELATIONS, a visual commentary about the impact Mercury in retrograde and a partial lunar eclipse seemed to have on pretty much everybody last week. WHEW!
The second painting is ASYMMETRY, A necessary element in my life. I don't feel comfortable in a room unless at least one piece of furniture is ascew. Office buildings and waiting rooms make me want to SCREAM.
The third is RADIANT ENERGY. A visual analogy of my latest personal quest, which I just explained.
The forth is MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO.... This piece is all sillouettes made by toys or game pieces, including two Barrel O'Monkeys. A fun menagerie!
The fifth painting is VISION OF TIBET I'm not sure why, but this reminds me of a prayer flag, or perhaps some sort of stamp.
On SPACIAL RELATIONS, the painting wraps around the sides, so no frame is necessary.
RADIANT ENERGY is one side of a suitcase, a work in progress. (Stay tuned)
ASYMMETRY, MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO and VISION OF TIBET were all created using post-consumer scrap plywood from a cabinet maker (Thanks, Bob!) and some post-consumer spray paint. (Thanks, Louise!)
These paintings and others can be purchased on or and my One of a kind assembled art jewelry made with found and/or discarded objects can be found at
Cheers! (Don't forget to RADIATE!)
Diane Marie

Here you see the fallout of my radiation: 4 spray paintings and an acrylic painting.

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